Sprinting to Spring Break

Spring Break is almost here. I am not planning to take any trips or do anything exciting, but I am almost giddy with the idea of a week-long break from school. Not that it will actually be a week-long break – reading for the following week needs to get done, books for my final project need to be started – but the idea of a week without any assignments due is still really exciting. I took a good portion of this weekend off, which included my first full day off this semester, I think, and so now I’m a little bit behind. As of today I have one book left to read for this week and then three more the following week. Ten days to go until Spring Break.

I’m trying to think back to this point in last semester. Was I so ready for a break? Did I have anything like Spring Break on the horizon? I guess Thanksgiving Break was a nice few days off, but it didn’t feel as restful as I’m anticipating Spring Break will feel. I wasn’t doing quite as much last semester as I am this semester either, so the break should feel even more restful. Grad school is hard, but with the break I just might be able to make it through this semester.


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